1/8/2019-The Monterey Amberjacks have released their 2019 schedule. 2019 will be the 3rd season of Amberjacks Baseball in Monterey Bay.

The Amberjacks will play in Pecos Leagues Pacific Division. The Pacific Division will consist of the Tucson Saguaros, Monterey Amberjacks, Wasco Reserves, Bakersfield Train Robbers, High Desert Yardbirds and California City Whiptails

The Amberjacks will hold Spring Training in Bakersfield and Monterey. The Jacks will open the Regular Season on May 30 in Monterey against the Wasco Reserves.

Here is a breakdown of game schedule:
  • Total Games: 64
  • Total Home Games: 32
  • Total Away Games: 32
  • Roswell Invaders home Games: 2
  • Tucson Saguaros home Games: 4
  • Tucson Saguaros away Games: 1
  • California City Whiptails Home Games: 5
  • California City Whiptails Away Games: 7
  • High Desert Yardbirds Home Games: 5
  • High Desert Yardbirds Away Games7
  • Bakersfield Train Robbers Home Games: 8
  • Bakersfield Train Robbers Away Games:7
  • Wasco Reservers Home Games: 8
  • Wasco Reserves Away Games:10

    For more season tickets or more information visit the Monterey Amberjacks Website at http://www.montereyamberjacks.com