1/1/2017-Below are 10 FAQ regarding to Monterey Pro Baseball

1. Where would the team play?
Sollecito Park. The team would coordinate home dates with other events that are currently being scheduled there. Games would be Saturdays and Sundays at night.

2. What league would the team play in?
The Pecos League. The team would play in the Western Division with Bakersfield and High Desert and Tucson. There would be 12 teams in the Pecos League including Monterey. Monterey would also host Roswell and possibly White Sands.

3. What would the team be called?
Monterey Amberjacks. People might call them the JACKS

4. Who is the team affiliated with?
The Pecos League is independent and is not affiliated with major league baseball. The Pecos League often promotes players to other affiliated baseball teams.

5. Will there be beer at games?

6. Where do the players come from where do they live?
The players are typically non-drafted College Seniors aged 25 and younger and come from all over California and all over the US.

7. Who will run the team on day-to-day basis
The team will hire local people for game day positions.

8. Who will manage the team?
Coaching Staff will be assembled in early 2017.

9. When does the season run?
the season runs from May 26-July 26. Spring Training is one week from May 19-May 25th

10. Why Monterey?
In the Fall of 2016 season the Pecos League announced it would expand to Bakersfield and High Desert for the 2017 season. The High A California League withdrew from both of these cities at the end of the 2016 season. Moving into these stadiums was a great opportunity for the Pecos League. Logistics would pose an immediate problem with the league's eight teams. Salinas and Monterey have been trying to get Pro Baseball Back in the Region for years and this is the opportunity.